Monday, September 7, 2009

Dragon*Con 2009 on youtube

Dragon*Con 2009 was this weekend in Atlanta, and videos of it are up on youtube. So far I've noticed a "Buffy" panel with a lot of Buffy actors, Nimoy & Shatner, Patrick Stewart, and some blond dude named Tom Felton (ah, apparently he's a Harry Potter actor, and apparently he's got a lot of fans on youtube).

Youtube member cloudyvisions seems to have posted a lot of the panels; see them here:

My favorite video so far is this one where Charisma Carpenter talks about the fate of Cordelia on Angel; the second half of the video is very informative:

Cordelia is my favorite character from "Buffy", so it's great seeing her again.

I miss going to cons, but it's hard to justify the cost when I can watch the panels for free at home on youtube. If there were a con nearby with good guests, I'd go.

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