Thursday, August 20, 2009

Review of Battle in Outer Space

From the makers of Godzilla comes "Battle in Outer Space", where flying saucers try to conquer Earth! This Toho movie has the classic Godzilla director, composer, and special effects team. There are a lot of models and miniatures that look great. We get to see flying saucers, Earth space ships, the moon, and a lot of ray guns. As a 1950's alien invasion movie, "Battle in Outer Space" has a lot of cool special effects and action. It's not 80 minutes of military men and politicians talking in offices about what to do, like a number of low budget American science fiction movies at that time. The DVD is widescreen, color, and stereo, with both the original Japanese version and a dubbed English version. I watched the Japanese version, and the picture is very clean, clear, and sharp. It's all too easy to spot the wires on the models, but I tried not to look. The only special feature is commentary from a few historians, which sounded pretty good. I recommend this for fans of Godzilla or 1950's science fiction movies.

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