Monday, August 24, 2009

The Friends of Eddie Coyle Review

"The Friends of Eddie Coyle" is a 1970's crime movie, with great dialogue, acting, and intrigue. The movie reminded me of "The Sopranos" more than classic film noir. "Eddie Coyle" is more realistic and subdued than a lot of noir. It also has a lot of criminals interacting: pulling capers, making deals, and distrusting each other, like some of the criminals in "The Sopranos". It's centered more on the interaction of the characters and the story than on action. There are several great scenes, where the dialogue and the acting are engaging, particularly when Robert Mitchum speaks. I've never been a fan of Robert Mitchum, but here he's excellent, bringing a lot of emotion and weariness to Eddie Coyle. The story is also very good, as we see Eddie struggle to stay out of jail. The DVD is from The Criterion Collection, and looks good. There is a new commentary track from director Peter Yates. I don't think this film will appeal to a wide audience, because it's completely a crime film and nothing else, but fans of crime films might thoroughly enjoy it.

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